Every brand has a story, lived and living

VS Luxe strives to build awareness and merit of your brand story, to the Indian market. We endorse and promote directly & indirectly across a diverse market segment.

We have a long established track record for launching new products and building continuous equity for our well established brands.


Our sales expertise with luxury brands is an intrinsic part of our DNA.

VS Luxe has a deep understanding of the Indian customer and has established a valuable network of travel industry contacts and identified high end travel advisers in all metro cities, tier I+II cities across India.

We ensure that every relationship begins with an intimate understanding of your product and brand, followed by a comprehensive understanding of your needs and goals in order for us to offer you a customised approach and subsequent plan of action.

Our sales offerings include:
  • Market research, analysis, feedback
  • Strategic action planning
  • Identification of the relevant prospects & clients
  • Sales activity planning and reporting
  • Sales calls with the tourism industry, MICE & corporate industry
  • Prospection – Negotiation – Loyalty development
  • Accompanied sales weeks
  • Organisation of events
  • Product Introduction & Training Sessions
  • Familiarisation trips
  • Participation in exhibitions, trade roadshows, showcases
  • Network through trade events, press events, corporate events, social events


VS Luxe has an in-depth knowledge of the Indian market and the trends underway in end-customer behaviour. This enables us to find the most relevant marketing partners for your brand and create high power alliances. Such alliances allow us to develop result oriented campaigns targeted at direct high end customers.

In addition, our team also creates a strategic actions plan to reach out to the travel industry, through promotions, mailers and newsletters.

Our marketing offerings include:
  • Marketing to travel partners, consumers
  • Increase brand visibility
  • High end luxury brand collaborations
  • Partnerships for tie ups
  • Co-host and sponsor events
  • Implement partnerships

Public and Media Relations

As the Indian custodians of some of the finest brands in the world, VS Luxe is responsible for building and strengthening the public reputations of our partners.

We have a deep understanding of the Indian print, online and social media allowing us to work on multiple platforms. Our diverse media team has a structured yet bespoke approach to providing solutions. We have well-established relationships with various travel, hospitality, lifestyle and trade publications.

Our Public/ Media Relations offerings include:
  • Good network of key journalists, editors & freelancers
  • Qualification of media opportunities
  • Media exposure in print & online media
  • Content writing
  • Press familiarisation
  • Story pitching & placement
  • Interviews coordination
  • Brand promotion
  • Events
  • Digital and new media outreach
  • Influencers marketing